Project „Trial of Olaf Tryggvason”

8 November 2012

We would like to invite you to cooperate and support the activities the Foundation for European Cultural Heritage „Patrimonium Europae” and Society Centre for Slavs and Vikings „Wolin-Jomsborg-Wineta” such as:


– activities promulgating European culture and tradition,

– activities for development and protection of European Heritage,

– dissemination of national and state traditions,

– fostering respect for national heritage, tradition and culture,

– developing national and european identity,

– activities for European integration, developing contacts and cooperation between communities,

– cultural education and increasing interest in culture, art and science,

– creating need for active participation in culture.


Society Centre for Slavs and Vikings „Wolin-Jomsborg-Wineta”, with which our Foundation cooperates, initiated construction of medieval open air museum located on an island nearby Wolin, which was opened for visitors in April 2008.


While visiting the reconstruction of housings and workshops from early medieval period IX – XI century, one can see what everyday life of people from that period might have looked like, how they lived and worked. Inside the houses of various constructions, one can see replicas of furniture, tools and everyday items from 1000 years ago.


Experimental archeology workshops are different from museums or open air museums, as one can not only look at the exposition, but also touch them, check how they worked, sit on „historical” chairs, lay in bed – simply travel for a short time to the times of ancient Slavs and Vikings, and learn by practice the way of life and work of our ancestors from 1000 years ago.


The society is also the main organizer of Festival of Slavs and Vikings – probably the biggest event of this type in this part of Europe. It is frequented by over 1500 participants: warriors, craftsmen, reanactors of ancien rites, and musical groups from 21 countries – not only Europe – presents, while being accurate to historical realities, different aspects from lives of Vikings and Slavs.


During the festival, Vikings, Slavs, Balts, Magyars, Russians and descentants of other peoples set their replicas of medieval tents in Wolin, prepare their food on fire, make clay pots, weave materials for clothes, smith, cast replicas of early medieval jewelry from silver and bronze, make shoes, or chainmail from steel wheels. At the same time, replicas of Viking and Slavic ships adorned with dragon heads sail on the river Dzwina. The biggest attraction, however are the battles, during which hundreds of warriors fight one another.


Our goal is to create around Foundation for European Cultural Heritage „Patrimonium Europae” and Society Centre for Slavs and Vikings „Wolin-Jomsborg-Wineta” a group of people and organizations sharing common interests and passions.


As part of our history teaching activities and popularization of subjects related to the prosperity of medieval Wolin, we are preparing a new project titled “Trial of Olaf Tryggvason”. Among others, the purpose of the project is to introduce the figure of this Norwegian king.


The project will consist of a series of meetings with children and teenagers. Additionally, we intend to conduct archaeological experiments, organize themed workshops and meetings of craftsmen from Poland and Norway.


Your activity will create an essential support for activities of the foundation and will contribute to a more effective realization of our goals, common projects, as well as enable you to get new experience.